Update On Rhyno’s Future Following Firing On Raw

Image via SkySports.com

Last night on Raw, Baron Corbin decided to use the authority that he had been given on Monday Night Raw to tell Heath Slater and Rhyno that one of them needed to leave the company because there wasn’t enough money to keep them both under contract.

Both men have families and refused to quit, so Corbin made a match where the loser would be forced to leave Raw. Even though Rhyno took the fight to Heath Slater, he was beaten by his former teammate following a neckbreaker and forced to leave.

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Slater was then told that his time as an active performer is over despite winning the match when he was given a referee shirt by the General Manager Elect. Whilst Rhyno’s future with WWE is now up in the air, PWInsider is reporting that the former Champion is scheduled to be part of the company’s upcoming events in Chile and Argentina.

Whilst these could be commitments that Rhyno signed up for before his departure was made official, there is no information on his future at this point. Dave Meltzer even reported that he would have to check into it because he doesn’t know the situation regarding Rhyno.

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Rhyno has been part of the wrestling business for more than two decades and the former Tag Team Champion has been at the forefront of the business, so for him to have left WWE in such a harsh way could give the company more backlash than they need right now.

Obviously, there is always the option that the new General Manager following TLC could bring him back or Shane McMahon could ask him to return to SmackDown Live.