Update On Ronda Rousey’s WWE Status, When The Company Expects Her Return

Image via WWE

Ronda Rousey lost her Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania last weekend, which could be why she hasn’t appeared on WWE TV in the week that has followed.

The former Champion suffered a broken hand in the match against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch and it was reported that her Raw segment was then cut from the show so that she could seek medical attention.

According to Fightful, Rousey was backstage at Monday Night Raw last week, even though she didn’t actually appear since WWE decided that the better angle was to allow Lacey Evans to finally step into a rivalry with Becky Lynch now that Rousey is on hiatus.

Rousey has since sought medical attention and is expected to undergo surgery on her injured hand tomorrow. The website also goes on to state that WWE is hopeful that Rousey will make her return later this year or early next year with the belief that there will be time to set up a match between Lynch and Rousey at next year’s WrestleMania.

The fact that the ending to their triple threat WrestleMania match was so controversial will give WWE good grounding to set up the singles match that was originally supposed to happen at Survivor Series last year.

Image via WWE

The rematch later became a triple threat match at WrestleMania 35 so fans will now be forced to wait an extra year for the showdown between The Man and The Baddest Woman On The Planet in Tampa Bay next April.

Rousey signed a three year deal with WWE when she first made her debut last year, which means that she is contracted until 2021, despite reports stating otherwise. Rousey will be returning to the company in the future since there are now plans in the works when it comes to storylines for the former Champion and Becky Lynch. .