Update On When Rey Mysterio Is Expected To Return To WWE TV

rey mysterio
Image via tpww.net

Rey Mysterio made all the headlines following the Royal Rumble earlier this year when he made his surprise return, but over the past few months, WWE has been pushing for the former World Champion to re-sign.

Whilst the process has hit a few setbacks over the past few months, it was recently reported that Mysterio had signed a two year deal with WWE and could be set to make his return in the coming weeks.

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Mysterio is part of the promotion for 2K19 which is why many reports suggested that The King of Mystery would be back in WWE before the launch on October 9th, but reports by PWInsider and WrestleVotes are now suggesting that his return could be on a much larger scale.

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SmackDown celebrates its 1000th episode on October 16th, which is just a week after the launch of 2K19 and it’s thought that Mysterio will be one of the huge faces that are part of the show and he is then expected to remain as part of the brand for the foreseeable future.

With reports suggesting that WWE could be looking at a feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and Mysterio in the coming weeks surrounding the United States Championship, it makes sense for Mysterio to return on the Tuesday night brand to open up this feud.

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This will also help to restore the balance since SmackDown has been lacking star power ever since the most recent superstar shake-up.

Mysterio was once one of the most popular superstars in the company and since an Evolution reunion has already been announced for SmackDown 1000, it would also be the fantastic place for one of SmackDown’s greatest exports to make his return.