Update On WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s Next Title Defence


WWE Universal Champion is undoubtedly the most dominant Superstar in the company today. Lesnar has held the Universal Championship since last year in April when we won the title from Goldberg at WrestleMania 33.

However, Lesnar has been pretty absent so far as weekly shows are concerned and is not even scheduled for a match at Money In The Bank. With Lesnar’s recent contract extension, it is still unclear when The Beast will again wrestle a WWE match to defend his gold.

“He’s not on Money In The Bank so my guess is when they first announced that he had re-signed a deal I did have someone tell me that they believed he was going to be there through SummerSlam,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live.

“So all we know is that it’s a short-term deal. I presume he’s going to drop the title at SummerSlam I don’t know what. It could happen I guess in July. But he’s not at Money In The Bank so it’ll either be the July pay-per-view or SummerSlam and if you got Brock Lesnar and you’re paying him big money it’ll probably end up being SummerSlam.”

Further speculations state that WWE is saving Lesnar for the biggest show in summer, SummerSlam. That event will undoubtedly have more eyeballs on it as compared to Money In The Bank. However, any show featuring The Conqueror is probably going to garner more viewership than normal.