Update On WWE’s Big Plans For SmackDown Debut On FOX

WWE wants to make the SmackDown show Hollywood-esque!


SmackDown will be moving to FOX in the Fall and WWE is firing on all cylinders to make the inaugural Blue Show “must see”.

WWE has penned huge plans for an iconic SmackDown debut on FOX on October 4 and isn’t shying away from painting the show with Hollywood colors.

WrestlingNews.co reports that besides Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brock Lesnar and Ric Flair, WWE is also ready to feature John Cena on the big night.

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The 16-time World Champion is busy with Hollywood and will be in Los Angeles during that week. The SmackDown-FOX debut will be taking place at the Staples Center (co-incidence much!) and Cena will reportedly be able to make an appearance on the show.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter previously reported that the sole reason why WWE booked the Staples Center is to make the SmackDown show feel more like a big UFC or boxing event.

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FOX has struck a billion-dollar deal with WWE and demands The Blue Show to consist of more sports and less comedy for the purpose of cross-promoting SmackDown across different shows.

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FOX plans to rival USA Network’s Monday Night RAW in a big way which is why they had earlier requested WWE to bring Ronda Rousey over to the blue brand. The drafting of Roman Reigns to SmackDown is a clear indication of the fact that FOX will leave no stone unturned to get the upper hand in viewership ratings.

The WWE Universe should also expect some usual celebrities in attendance but Vince McMahon also wants to flaunt some big-time A-listers on camera.

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As reported earlier, FOX has already started testing out new cameras for October 4. There have also been talks of holding a post-game show on FOX Sports 1 but that will be a debut-episode exlusive.

WWE plans to make the SmackDown debut nothing less than a major Hollywood event which is why they have also discussed a red-carpet event amidst plans to kick things off with eye-popping jaw-dropping ratings.