Update On Tommaso Ciampa’s Injury Status, WWE Reportedly Changed Up Elimination Chamber Title Match

Image via WWE

Tommaso Ciampa Injured On SmackDown Live?

Tommaso Ciampa‘s injured knee was the reason why DIY’s alliance came to an end back at Takeover: Chicago in 2017. Ciampa was then stuck on the sidelines for almost a year before he was able to return and pick up the feud with Johnny Gargano, but his knee has always been something that has held him back.

Ciampa wears a knee brace for most of his matches to ensure that the surgically repaired knee isn’t re-injured. Last night on SmackDown Live, he was part of a scary spot with Sheamus, when The Irish star jumped off the top rope and onto his knee, contorting it in a painful manner.

Ciampa rolled out of the ring and the referee threw up the “X” symbol, but The NXT Champion was able to finish the match before he made his way to the back. There is now speculation that Ciampa could have been actually injured as part of the spot, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

WWE Reportedly Changed Title Match Mid-Way Through Elimination Chamber?

Elimination Chamber saw three title changes, which allowed Sasha Banks and Bayley to make history, The Usos to become four-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions and Finn Balor to lift the Intercontinental Championship for the first time.

Interestingly, Bryan Alvarez recently noted on The Wrestling Observer that WWE switched up the format for the announcers as part of the opening of the show, which also changed up the finish of the title match.

While it’s unknown as to whether or not he was refering to the Cruiserweight Championship match on the pre-show or the Women’s Tag Team Championship match that opened the show, this proves that Vince McMahon does like to throw in a curve-ball every now and then.

“Dude, it is WCW. They, on the pay-per-view on Sunday in the middle of the opening match, they brought out brand new formats for all of the announcers which switched up I guess the finishes of that first match. That changed on the air. That’s WCW right there,” he said via Ringsidenews.