Update On Triple H/Batista Storyline, Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Contract Status

batista-triple h
Image via GiveMeSport

Triple H vs Batista Angle Has Been In The Works For Weeks

This week on Monday Night Raw, the show ended on an explosive note as the WWE Universe awaited Ric Flair for his 70th Birthday celebrations, but when the camera cut backstage to The Nature Boy’s locker room it was Batista who was waiting and then unleashed a beatdown on the WWE Hall of Famer.

This was the plan to get Triple H‘s attention, something that Batista has apparently been trying to do for some time.

According to a report by Justin LaBar of NBC Sports, this was the angle that WWE had been working on for weeks and it was executed exactly as planned.

It is also reported by PWInsider that Batista will be juggling a film role as well as his build to that WrestleMania match with Triple H, which means that he could be missing a few episodes of Raw, but he will still be able to build his match with The Game over the next month.

Matt And Jeff Hardy Are Staying With WWE

There has been a lot of talk about WWE contracts over the past few months since Dean Ambrose revealed that he wasn’t re-signing with WWE when his contract expires in April and two of the biggest superstars whose contracts expire in the coming weeks are Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Since Matt hasn’t been on WWE TV over the past few months it was unknown as to whether or not Hardy would be re-signing his contract with WWE for another year.

According to a report by PWInsider, WWE has already activated a clause in Matt and Jeff Hardy’s contracts which means that they are signed to the company now for another year.

The fact that the two brothers made their return last night as a tag team on SmackDown Live means that they could have an interesting future ahead of them.