Velvet Sky Claims WWE Creating Their Own Version Of TNA’s ‘The Beautiful People’

Now-retired pro-wrestling star Velvet Sky had a very successful career in TNA alongside Angelina Love as The Beautiful People.

Press Slam interviewed the former TNA Knockouts Champion about her professional wrestling career and brought up The Beautiful People. Sky revealed the reason she and Love never had a career in WWE because Vince McMahon’s company were keen on changing The Beautiful People into their own version of the gimmick:

“This is like the million dollar question: How come The Beautiful People were never in the WWE. Well, it’s because [WWE] wanted to create their own version of what is already out there that they see that works.

“And, The Beautiful People, Angelina and I, we would never want The Beautiful People to be tainted or twisted or anything that I feel WWE would try to do to us if we were ever there. We would never be allowed to be The Beautiful People.

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“The entrance? Forget it. We’d never be able to let the pigeons loose there. It wouldn’t work there. And like I said, they’ve created their own version of The Beautiful People, so they even knew that we worked.”

Sky claimed that WWE finally ended up making their own version of The Beautiful People by creating LayCool (Michelle McCool and Layla) and The IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billy Kay).

“Back when we were still in TNA, it was LayCool, and now it’s the IIconics. It’s the same kind of mean, ‘I’m better than you’, the whispering, the pointing, the laughing, the humiliating.

“I mean, especially in the middle of our Beautiful People peak is when they created LayCool. They were kinda doing the similar antics, the humiliating the girls, the heel role. I mean, it’s very flattering, I must say it’s flattering that what we have is such high demand that they tried to take the ball and gave it to the girls that are there now.”