Velveteen Dream Reportedly “In Hot Water” With WWE Following Tweet

Velveteen dream
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Velveteen Dream has been one of the stand out stars in WWE over the past few months, alongside the likes of Aleister Black and Adam Cole and apparently the former Tough Enough star wasn’t happy that he was overlooked in the most recent NXT promotions.

Dream has been pushing for a call up for a number of months, which included wearing a “Vince Call Me Up” patch on his ring attire a few months ago which seemingly amused The Chairman at the time.

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The flamboyant star was obviously frustrated that he wasn’t part of the recent call-ups, which is why he posted a number of Tweets where he attempted to get the WWE Universe behind him and force the company to promote him to the main roster.

These Tweet have since been deleted, but one of them can be seen in the screenshot below.

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One of Velveteen Dreams tweets calling for WWE fans to spam the official Twitter account for his call-up.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Velveteen Dream is in some hot water following these comments, which is why these Tweets have been removed.

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Dream is just 23 years old, which means that he has a bright future ahead of him and right now the company has plans for him in NXT. The man who was formerly known as Patrick Clark could have offended WWE officials because he is so eager to leave NXT but they could be looking to make him one of the bigger stars in the coming months.

There is a lot of strength and depth in NXT right now and Triple H has to continue to book a show with the stars that are left following call-ups, but the fact that Dream is so eager to be promoted could be one of his biggest downfalls if he continues to be so outspoken about it.