Velveteen Dream Teases Feud With Matt Riddle

Velveteen Dream
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There aren’t many stars in NXT who are hotter than The Velveteen Dream. He has had stand out matches with some of the biggest stars in developmental in recent months and even managed to get away with wearing tights with “Call Me Up Vince” etched on the back at Takeover: Brooklyn last month.

It was in Brooklyn that it was revealed that former UFC star Matt Riddle had finally signed a contract with WWE after months of teasing that he will be leaving the Independent Circuit.

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Riddle hasn’t been seen since he was at ringside for Takeover: Brooklyn but he is expected to make his debut in NXT in the near future, and it looks as though Velveteen Dream could have already called a feud with the MMA star.

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Riddle is known as The King Of The Bros and it appears that Dream doesn’t understand why Riddle calls everyone “bro.”

The next NXT event is Takeover: War Games which takes place the night before Survivor Series in November and it could be the perfect Takeover show for Riddle to take on Dream.

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The former Tough Enough contestant has already proved that he can steal the show regardless of where he features on the card and WWE couldn’t have picked a better opponent for Riddle to make his WWE debut against, because Dream will definitely make him stand out.

Of course, this Tweet doesn’t mean that a feud between the two men is a definite, but given the fact that “Bro” is Riddle’s nickname and something that he uses all the time, it’s likely that this Tweet was aimed at him and could well be the start of something epic.