Velveteen Dream Triumphs At Worlds Collide, Two WWE Hall Of Famers Advertised For RAW

Image via WWE

Velveteen Dream Triumphs At Worlds Collide

NXT’s Velveteen Dream has won the first ever Worlds Collide Tournament.

The Worlds Collide Tournament brought together fifteen stars from three WWE brand’s – NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live.

Aside from Dream, the representatives of NXT were Keith Lee, Adam Cole, Shane Thorne, and Dominik Dijakovic. NXT UK was represented by Jordan Devlin, Mark Andrews, Travis Banks, Tyler Bate, and Zack Gibson. Meanwhile, from 205 Live it was Drew Gulak, TJP, Cedric Alexander, Tony Nese and Humberto Carrillo.

In the end it came down to Dream and NXT UK’s Bates, checkout the video of some highlights of the match here.

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Two WWE Hall Of Famers Expected On RAW

The next episode of WWE RAW is promising guestings from not just one, but two WWE Hall of Famers.

Both Jeff Jarett and Kurt Angle are being advertised for the next episode of RAW. Both Hall of Famers were involved in the Royal Rumble as participants.

Jarret is being advertised for in-ring action during RAW. He is set to face WWE’s current troubadour, Elias. Jarret and Elias have been feuding since the Rumble and last RAW, Jarret interrupted Elias’ performance, coming down to the ring with his former roadie the Road Dogg. The two proceeded to have their own concert till Elias attacked them.

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Angle, who was formerly General Manager of RAW, has not been regularly seen on TV for a couple of months now. Last week, he was in action against Baron Corbin, a match he lost.

According to, Angle will be on RAW to address his future in the WWE. There is no further word on what else Angle might be doing on the show.