Vickie Guerrero Recalls First Date With Eddie, Breaking Curfew

Image via Twitter

Former WWE superstar Vickie Guerrero was a guest on The Payoff podcast recently where she talked a little about her life with her late husband, Eddie Guerrero.

Vickie spoke about her first meeting with Eddie, which was a blind date. According to Vickie, she broke her curfew to stick with Eddie.

“My girlfriend knew his best friend. I said, ‘Let’s go to a club so if I don’t like him, I can drink with the nice guy and go dance with someone else.” When I met Eddie at the club, he had the long hair that went past his shoulders, cowboy boots, tight jeans, and just muscular. My friend asked, ‘Well, are we leaving?’, and I said, ‘Hell no! I’m going to stick with this guy,” recalls Vickie.

“I didn’t get home until 4 A.M because we danced till 3 A.M. I said, ‘Dad, punish me how you want. I just met the greatest guy. I don’t care what my punishment is, I met the cutest guy ever tonight.’ And we started dating ever since and it was history after that,” she added.

She also spoke about the challenges of being the wife of a wrestler and having to arrange her time around Eddie’s schedule and when he would be home.

Vickie also reminisced about her husbands in-ring work and the way he had with the crowd. According to her, it was Eddie’s in-ring timing that made him connect with the crowd so well.

“He would listen to the crowd. He knew when to wait. He knew when to go for it. He knew how to play with them. He didn’t care about the clock or how much time he had left. He always said, ‘I’m going to wait for the fans and wait for when that moment is right and then I’m going to feed it to the fans,'” recalls Vickie.