Vickie Guerrero Reveals That Her Daughter Shaul Guerrero Could Be Heading to AEW

Vickie Guerrero was once the General Manager of Monday Night Raw and was even given a spot in the Women’s Royal Rumble a few years ago, but now the wife of the late Eddie Guerrero works for AEW.

Vickie Guerrero is currently working as former Women’s Champion Nyla Rose’s manager on Dynamite and was recently part of an interview with Lucha Libre Online where she was asked about the possibility of her daughter Shaul heading to AEW.

Shaul was briefly part of WWE in both FCW and NXT before an eating disorder forced her to request her release back in 2014.

The former Queen of FCW has since returned to the ring this year and her mother believes that she could join her in AEW in the future.

“You know, in this wrestling industry, you never say no to it. Her first important priority that she’s doing is training. She got to be trained by Dustin Rhodes and she was appearing for AEW appearances and then she’s a Chicago, so she’s training there. So then, one thing is being gone for six years of not wrestling.”

“She wanted to get back to the basics and kind of get the ring rust out of her but you know, when Shaul performs, she looks exactly like Eddie. I mean the smirk, her walk her Charisma identifies who Eddie was when he was in the ring and she’s really trying to invent herself to be her own person not to be like Eddie, but to represent the family.”