Vince McMahon Addresses AEW At Recent Earnings Call

The Wednesday Night Wars have become a reality over the past few months and even though the build-up to Survivor Series saw NXT win the rating war a number of times, it’s been All Elite Wrestling who have been the main winners since their debut on TNT back in October.

WWE moved NXT to Wednesday nights on the USA Network as a way to compete with AEW’s Dynamite and so far it has seen both shows pick up the pace with AEW giving off a much edgier product while NXT has remained PG.

There have been shots fired at WWE from former members of their roster including Blue Pants Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho, while Sami Zayn infamously mentioned the show on an episode of RAW, but interestingly WWE officials have remained tight-lipped about their newest competition.

As part of WWE’s recent fourth quarter of 2019 earning’s call, Vince McMahon was asked about AEW, since they have been part of the wrestling world for a number of months now, which must be affecting WWE to some extent.

McMahon claimed that the rise of AEW hasn’t affected WWE’s point of view or the way that the company does business, as well as stating that All Elite Wrestling hasn’t made WWE feel as though they need to promote edgier content since they provide unique TV-14 content and they are happy with what NXT is doing on Wednesday nights.

The likes of Randy Orton, The Revival, Edge and a number of other stars have used AEW to get better contract offers from WWE in recent months, while Mercedes Martinez was on AEW’s radar before she signed for WWE. Kris Statlander was also on WWE’s radar before she signed with AEW, which means that many stars are aware that there is a competition between WWE and AEW even though officials are not ready to admit it.