Vince McMahon Attended RAW Solely For Lashley-Lana Wedding, AJ Styles Discusses Potential Retirement

Image via WWE

The highly entertaining wedding segment between Bobby Lashley and Lana capped off the final RAW of the past decade, and the WWE Universe was content with the grand finale despite the controversial lesbian angle.

As previously reported, Vince McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque weren’t present during RAW, however, the CEO had arrived at the venue just before the show aired, as revealed by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

“He left Hartford, CT, at two in the afternoon and everyone thought he was gone. We moved the talent relations office into Vince’s office. At about 5:30, somebody comes in and says, ‘Vince is on his way back, he doesn’t want to miss the wedding.’ We’re in the back and we have to put his office back together. Vince came back just to make sure he was there for the wedding.”

AJ Styles renewed his WWE contract in 2019 and will continue his stay with the company for another 5 years. Throughout his career, the 42-year-old Superstar has reformed his skillset and given his age, his days in the ring could be winding down real soon.

On Busted Open Radio, The Phenomenal One revealed that he is nearing the end of his career despite fans believing that he still has a ton left in his tank.

“I think I am. You know, Mark [Henry], you get older. You go, ‘Where the freak did my energy go? Why don’t I have that useless burst of energy that I had way back when.’ You can see that starting to deplete and I’ve said this before, I don’t want to be that AJ Styles that everybody goes, ‘Wow, I wish he could still do that’ or, ‘Oh wow, he’s really slow.’ I don’t want that. I wanna be the AJ Styles that people will remember and go out that way. Will I be like I was when I was 25? There’s no way. It’s just not possible.”