Vince McMahon Could Debut NXT Talent On RAW After TLC

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Vince McMahon’s scheduled return this week on Monday Night RAW has a lot of fans speculating what changes The Chairman would be announcing to “shake things up“. 

As reported earlier, McMahon is going to show up on RAW after TLC with a vow to get weekly ratings back on track. As of late, the product has become terrible resulting in RAW’s all-time low ratings for two consecutive weeks (December 3, December 10).

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On Figure Four Daily, Bryan Alvarez noted that the CEO could bring a lot of change when he returns to RAW this week. 

“I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Vince showed up on Monday and he fired Baron Corbin and maybe he debuted a few guys and he really shook the thing up and he gave us some matches we want to see and a few happy endings and the show ends and everyone’s really excited. If that happens, everybody’s got to remember there’s still gotta be another show next week.”

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This week isn’t RAW’s last and there will have to be more shows post-December 17 which is why Vince should better bring something serious to the table in order to make a real turnaround and keep fans hooked.

McMahon coming back for one week and shaking things up can’t be a one-time quick solution to WWE’s current problem. There has to be good, rather, better product week after week if RAW is to bounce back from its recent dip.

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WWE’s final pay-per-view of 2018, TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs ended on a high note with two major titles changing hands – Dean Ambrose won the WWE Intercontinental Championship while Asuka was crowned the  SmackDown Women’s Champion.

For what it’s worth, Baron Corbin is no longer an authority figure following his loss to Braun Strowman on Sunday night. Expect a babyface aura to prevail on the flagship show this week for Vince would want to please fans to get RAW back in the ratings’ game.