Vince McMahon Had No Clue That EC3 Worked Under Him as Derrick Bateman

EC3 had possibly one of the worst WWE runs in recent memory, before being released earlier last year as part of the mass firings made by the company due the COViD-19 pandemic.

EC3 started out in WWE’s developmental FCW several years ago as Derrick Bateman but he was eventually let go by the company.

He had a successful stint in TNA/Impact Wrestling, before returning to WWE in 2018. After spending a year in NXT, EC3 was moved to the main roster. However, he was absolutely buried in his year-long stay on the main roster, before leaving the company.

EC3 spoke with WrestleTalk recently and brought up a story relating to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Apparently, WWE officials watched a clip from Impact, and Vince was impressed by EC3. However, when told that EC3 was their former employee Derrick Bateman, McMahon was clueless.

“I think he had no clue. I actually heard one time that there was a meeting and they were watching Impact, and I came out and – I don’t remember who even told me this. I think it was somebody in creative. But, [Vince goes], ‘Who is this guy? We should get him.’ They go, you know, ‘That’s Derrick Bateman’. [And he goes], ‘Who?’”

EC3 has now returned to Impact Wrestling, making his much-awaited debut at Slammiversary last week. He is now running a ‘Free The Narrative’ gimmick, and will most likely be hot pushed into the main-event scene one again.