Vince McMahon Offered Chyna a WWE Title Reign to Turn Down Playboy Photoshoot, Claims Her Former Manager

Chyna was one of the biggest stars in WWE during the Attitude Era and is often talked about as the pioneers of the Women’s Division.

She is the only female star to have held the Intercontinental Championship, and she became quite close to becoming the WWE Champion as well.

The late Chyna’s manager, Anthony Azaldo spoke with Wrestling Inc. and revealed interesting tidbits about the dominant star from the past.

Apparently, Vince McMahon offered to give Chyna a WWE title win, in favor of not doing a photoshoot with the raunchy Playboy magazine.

“They offered her the WWE Championship belt, but Vince said, ‘But you can’t do Playboy’ because she got offered to do Playboy. She chose Playboy over the belt. She went and got her boobs done one week and didn’t tell Vince, and when she came back, he was f-ing pissed. That was her first boob job.”

He also added how a shot from Savio Vega ended up messing up the augmentation done by Chyna. Chyna went on to star in sevveral ponographic films later on, and died a premature death in 2016.