Vince McMahon Regrets Not Signing AJ Styles Earlier

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles spent a long time together in TNA, where both of them enjoyed great runs at the top. Angle came to TNA after having a great run in WWE, but Styles’s career path was completely opposite.

On the Kurt Angle Show, Angle had great praise for the Phenomenal One and shared an interesting tidbit about Vince McMahon’s interaction with Styles after he won the WWE Championship in 2017.

McMahon went up to Styles and congratulated him, and said that he regrets not signing him earlier.

Angle said that the two parties were always in talks, but things never worked out. Styles joined WWE five years ago in 2016, debuting to a massive ovation at the Royal Rumble, and went on to win the WWE Championship twice.

“You know Vince, I was told, Vince, when he met up with AJ after AJ won the World Title, Vince went to him and said, ‘I wish I would have hired you ten years ago,’ and that is that. That tells you exactly how Vince feels about AJ. AJ is a star. He is, you know, when he came in the WWE, at that particular time, he was the #1 top best wrestler in the world. The best performer. Just from a wrestling standpoint, he was the top guy.”

Despite being 43, Styles has shown no signs of slowing down and is always in the upper card of any show he is in. Styles has carved out a Hall of Fame worthy career in TNA as well as WWE.