Vince McMahon Reportedly Planned to Wrestle at WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania 34 was only two short years ago and is memorable as the WrestleMania where Daniel Bryan made his long-overdue return.

The former World Champion was able to gain clearance from the medical staff in time for the biggest show of the year where he then teamed with Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Bryan was only cleared for the match a few weeks before the show, which means that he wasn’t the original choice for Shane McMahon’s partner.

Kevin Owens recently spoke to Inside The Ropes where he revealed that Vince McMahon was set to wrestle him at the biggest show of the year back in 2018.

“Yeah, that was really cool, I wish it would have led to more, honestly. But who wouldn’t feel that way? I think it could have, and I think it almost did. I really think, at one point, there was a chance that it was going to be me and Sami Zayn against Shane and Vince at WrestleMania – which would have been incredible – but Vince, I remember one of the things he had told me was, ‘I can’t run WrestleMania and focus on a match at the same time.'”

“He felt like his best position was to not be in the ring, you know? But then also it was also the perfect situation for Bryan’s return. He got cleared medically and the storyline was already in progress.”

“He was already so heavily involved in the storyline just because him and Shane were running SmackDown together, and obviously that was an incredible thing to be a part of Daniel’s return, especially in that building where he won the title at WrestleMania XXX, so it was great.”

Of course, Vince McMahon hasn’t wrestled a match since an episode of Raw back in 2012, although The Chairman remains in incredible shape and makes regular WWE appearances.