Vince McMahon Returning To Monday Night RAW “To Shake Things Up”

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The Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon is set to return to Monday Night RAW next week.

McMahon last appeared at RAW 25 during the opening segment of the historic episode. However, this time it’s a matter of turning around the product instead of celebrating the company’s long accomplishment(s).

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In recent months, RAW has been suffering from good content and numerous fans have already stopped watching the show due to the poor product.

RAW viewership hit back-to-back all-time low ratings (December 3, December 10) sending off a red alert to the management that perhaps it’s high time to turn things around. WWE needs to push the ratings back to decent figures in order to prepare to move SmackDown Live on Fox in October 2019.

It’s pretty clear that the recent decline in ratings is the reason why McMahon himself has decided to appear on RAW-after-TLC.

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On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that Vince has something huge planned for January which according to the CEO would make the WWE Universe fall in love with the product again.

“For those of you that hate Raw, all I can do is tell you that the belief within WWE is that…take this for what it’s worth. They believe it’s all turning around in January. Apparently, they’ve got some sort of idea and they think it’s all turning around in January and that the ratings in January are gonna be good again and the show is gonna be better and something big is gonna happen.”

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“Of course, everybody is going to be speculating all sorts of crazy things [like] The Young Bucks, this and that. Don’t get your hopes up for that stuff everybody.”

“They seem to believe that starting in January, this thing is turning around.”

The sooner RAW is back on track the better since WrestleMania 35 is just over 100 days away and WWE can’t afford to mess around during the build-up to Royal Rumble because that’s when the Road to WrestleMania officially kicks off.