Vince McMahon Talks AEW And Creating Edgier Content For WWE

The Chairman believes the competition that AEW brings is good for everyone

Image via TheSun

It’s become obvious over the past few months that the days of the Monday Night Wars could be back upon us in October when both NXT and AEW go head to head on a Wednesday night.

AEW has definitely not pulled any punches over the past few months as the company has continued to fire shots at Vince McMahon‘s conglomerate through interviews, social media and even as part of their pay-per-views.

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Vince McMahon was finally able to have his say as part of today’s Second Quarter 2019 Earnings call from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT.

The Chairman was able to address the future of the company when it came to making the content much edgier, where he pointed out that they “will remain in the PG environment” before going on to state that WWE will not “do blood and guts and things of that nature, such as what is being done on our new potential competitor.”

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This was an obvious shot at AEW who recently made headlines following an unprotected chair shot from two former WWE stars in Tye Dillinger (Shawn Spears) and Cody Rhodes.

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McMahon went on to state that he believes that the competition that AEW brings is good for everyone, and hopes that the company remains their competition in the coming months as long as they don’t continue “the blood and guts and gory things that they have been doing,” via WrestlingInc.

It was announced yesterday that All Elite Wrestling will make their debut on TNT on Wednesday, October 2nd, which is just two days before SmackDown Live makes the switch over to FOX Network and goes live on a Friday night. This is also the first time that TNT has hosted wrestling on its Network since the days of WCW almost two decades ago.