Vince McMahon Teases New Characters With Better Storylines in WWE

Over the last few years, WWE has struggled to come up with intriguing storylines. The current product is nowhere near to the high quality storylines produced back in the day, and as a result, fans are slowly distancing themselves from WWE and gravitating towards AEW.

During the 2nd quarter investors’ call, Vince McMahon gave the WWE Universe hope for the product that his company is currently offering.

Since last year, WWE’s ratings have only become abysmal alongside record low viewership week in, week out, and The Chairman of Board intends to do all that is necessary to stop the slump.

The current plan for Mr. McMahon is to introduce fresh characters and better storylines until fans can return to WWE tapings.

“I think that we can have characters with better storylines, we have new characters coming into where we are right now, and more content that’s not necessarily in-ring, but focusing on their personalities and their stories outside of the ring.”

Owing to the nightmarish dip in viewership, WWE’s stock is no longer recommended by Wall Street gurus. The fall in ratings could also have a serious impact on WWE’s negotiations for their next television deal in 2022.

Will Mr. McMahon be able to turn things around from here?