Vince McMahon Wants to Build a Physical WWE Hall of Fame

Vince McMahon is never shy of new ideas in WWE, and he has helped professional wrestling transcend into what it has become today.

Now, the WWE Chairman wants to take it one step further and honor the legacy of all those who helped him make WWE into a globally recognized phenomenon by building a physical WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE introduced the Hall of Fame in 2005 and has inducted several major names like Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels. etc., to name a few, who achieved tremendous popularity with the company and became household names.

In the annual shareholder meeting, McMahon entertained the possibility of having a physical museum-like HoF, which will generate much more revenue for the company. McMahon said that the company isn’t a fan of building stuff unless it’s office buildings, but a physical HoF is a possibility down the line.

“Bricks and mortar is something that, generally speaking, we, other than office buildings and office space of course, that we’re not necessarily fond of, but nonetheless, again the interest in that continues to build and it’s still a possibility somewhere down the line.”

WWE recently acquired new office space for their global headquarters but has postponed the expenses for the new space until the COViD-19 pandemic ends.

The company also has tremendous losses due to the absence of fans at events and falling ratings, which will be the number one priority for the company at this moment.