Vince Russo Believes AEW & WWE Are Secretly Working Hand-In-Hand

Is a secret collaboration with WWE the reason why AEW hasn't joined forces with NJPW?


Pro wrestling personality Vince Russo has unparalleled experience under his wing. A creative mastermind, Russo is well known for his time in WCW, WWE and TNA – he is celebrated for having helped WWF garner record ratings in the late ’90s.

On Monday’s Great North Wrestling Podcast (hosted by Hannibal), Russo made some shocking statements while discussing the sudden rise of AEW in a WWE dominated business.

Russo, the king of swerve, noted that “either [the two promotions WWE and AEW] are working together or Vince McMahon is totally incompetent”, adding that second option doesn’t seem to be the case at all. The 58-year-old icon then laid down three arguments that have stirred the IWC.

Firstly, Russo states that “[WWE] has done it before” with ECW. Paul Heyman, who kept on playing the on-screen role of an oppressed personality, was actually working fans with McMahon, per Russo. He further notes that “the boys didn’t know” as later confirmed by Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard.

Secondly, WWE’s recent hiring of Prichard has raised a lot of eyebrows in the pro wrestling community. Brother Love was released by Stephanie McMahon in 2008 and served as the bridge between Vince and Heyman while currently making a parallel with his podcast co-host Conrad Thompson and the AEW crew. Thompson may have denied inking any deal with AEW but had earlier stated in an interview that he is just a “friend”.

Prichard failed to make Impact Wrestling a better place than what it used to be and since his return to WWE, there haven’t been any creative overhaul in the company and that alone is enough to convince Russo that he is secretly busy with something else.

Russo’s third argument states that Sami Zayn‘s controversial mentioning of AEW on Monday Night RAW post-Double Or Nothing is considerable proof that WWE and AEW are secretly working together but sadly, fans aren’t aware of that.

Only time will reveal if Russo’s theory is right. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for whatever comes our way.