Vince Russo Criticizes the Use of Popular Wrestling Move

Kicks to the chest is a famous wrestling move that fans enjoy a lot. Daniel Bryan is one of the wrestlers who perform this maneuver on his opponents.

But it seems like former WWE writer Vince Russo isn’t a fan of this particular spot.

According to Russo, this move would rub new viewers the wrong way who’d probably think it’s ridiculous and never watch wrestling again. Vince said this recently while chatting with Sportskeeda’s Lee Walker.

“I’m a normal guy. I’m on TV, I got my remote in my hand, last night I come across this wrestling show. Okay, I’m not a wrestling fan, let me see what this is. First thing I see, is a guy on his knees, with his hands by his side, allowing himself to get kicked in the chest five straight times. So, as a regular television viewer, I’m watching this, and I’m like, ‘Who would do that?'”

“Like, who would not try to defend themselves and just get kicked in the chest five times? Bro, goodbye, that is unrealistic, that is ridiculous, that is stupid, that is silly, goodbye, I’m no longer going to be watching the show,” said Vince Russo.