Wade Barrett Back With WWE as Full-Time Commentator on NXT

Former King of the Ring and five-time Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett is now a full time commentator with WWE NXT.

WWE has announced that Barrett has signed a new contract and will be part of the NXT announce team with Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph.

Barrett had returned to WWE as a guest commentator on NXT last month after Mauro Ranallo left the company, leaving a spot at the NXT commentary desk.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Barrett said that his contract is for one year with an option to extend.

“I hope this lasts for a long time, that’s our intent,” Barrett said before making a joking reference to his previous “Bad News Barrett” character.

“There is no bad news to share, but never forget there is always a little bad news up my sleeve,” he added.

Barrett was in WWE from 2007 to 2016, when he effectively retired from in-ring competition. Barrett returned to the wrestling world to do commentary for the NWA last year, but he has stayed away from in-ring competition.

Staying away from the ring has been a choice, rather than an imposition. While he did feel burnt out in 2016, he is physically healthy.

He told Barrasso that while he was probably physically able to make an in-ring return, he had always wanted to do commentary and was glad to be at an announce desk rather than in a ring.

“My body feels incredibly good. I’m not going commentary because I had a career-ending injury,” emphasized Barrett. “I want to focus on commentary because I’m passionate about it.”

“That’s not to say I won’t put the boots back on at some point, but commentary is my focus and I am extremely excited about it,” he added.