Wade Barrett Talks Leaving WWE: ‘It Was Kind Of A Sad Run For Me’

Wade Barrett was known under a number of different names in WWE, but his run came to an end back in 2016 when the British star opted not to re-sign with the company.

Barrett has since moved on to a life outside of wrestling and has now become the General Manager of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, but many fans have wondered what happened to Barrett and why he decided to leave WWE after once being seen as one of the UK’s hottest prospects.

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Barrett recently spoke to Build where he was able to talk about the transition from wrestling to acting, and he confirmed that he thought that his 2016 exit was the best option for him at the time.

“I think the biggest difficulty from transitioning from professional wrestling to the acting world is generally toning down your performance,” Bennett said via WrestlingInc. “So in the pro wrestling world, everything is massively over the top and every reaction that you do in the ring is kind of corny if we’re honest — it’s not supposed to be serious — it’s a comic book world.

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“One of the things they used to say when I was beginning in wrestling was that you need to do huge emotions. Every time you react in any way whether you’re happy or sad or angry, make it one hundred times bigger than it would be normally because the guy in the very back row in these giant arenas in Row Z or whatever it is, he needs to see that reaction. So you do everything huge and over the top.

Barrett was asked by a fan if he still had links to NXT and WWE so that he could help them to get their foot in the door but he revealed that Vince McMahon had blocked his phone number so they would have to find a different route.

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“I think when I left WWE, Vince blocked my phone number so he never wants me calling him again. So I don’t think he’s going to answer my call, but what I would suggest if you’re interested in pro wrestling is doing what I did. Finding yourself a good school — I take it you’re not actually in a wrestling school at the moment? No?

“The best bet is finding a good wrestling school who are gonna teach you the ways of doing it properly and there’s a whole kind of production line of wrestlers who are kind of climbing that ladder. Even to get to NXT now — which is the bottom rung of the WWE ladder — you have to be really good just to get there.