WALTER Names His Pick For World’s Best Wrestler

Image via WWE

NXT UK Champion WALTER has held the championship for almost a year now and, even before he signed with WWE, was considered by many as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

WALTER was recently ranked second on the list of best wrestlers in the world released by SPORT1, coming in after Kazuchika Okada.

SPORT1, which is a German website, also interviewed him and parts of the interview were translated on WrestlingInc.

“You can’t just answer a question like that,” WALTER initially protested. “Wrestling is not a competitive sport, it has a lot to do with personal taste. “

He then talked about how he felt that current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar was “top of the food chain.”

“He is the most successful and best wrestler. He is financially the most successful but does not have to work as much as others,” said WALTER about Lesnar.

“He is not over-present and you cannot see as enough of him. He is very smart and is currently at the top for me,” he concluded.

WALTER was also asked about who were the wrestlers that he looked up to while he was training and he stated that he had always preferred the “hard workers” to the big stars.

“They entertained me,” said WALTER about big stars. “But I often like the midcard matches better than the big main events. For me, craftsmanship was always the focus of wrestling.”

Because of this mindset, WALTER said that he initially looked up to Japanese wrestlers and “distanced” himself from most WWE and American wrestling, though he named two exceptions.

Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe were people I thought were fantastic even before their WWE days,” said WALTER.

“These people have inspired me more than the classic big superstars,” he concluded.