Wardlow Reveals Kurt Angle Tried to Bring Him into WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle’s last run with WWE wasn’t quite memorable, and he was let go of the company recently as part of the company-wide budget cuts.

Prior to his return, Angle trained with an interesting individual. Current AEW star Wardlow revealed on AEW Unrestricted that he and Angle trained for a while, and Angle put in a good word for him in WWE. However, before he could hear back from the company, he ended up signing with AEW.

“And me and Kurt clicked in the ring really well, and him and I talked a lot. And he expressed that he had a conversation with a certain somebody there about bringing me in, and he’s like, ‘It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.’”

Wardlow revealed that he underwent a try-out with the company, but was rejected. It came as a huge surprise to him, as he felt the other participants in the try-out were wannabe professional wrestlers.

“I know people know that I did have a tryout, and I smoked that tryout. I was literally the only dude there in a suit. It was mind blowing. Dudes are there in shorts and t-shirts. That’s because they’re not recruiting wrestlers. They’re recruiting ex-NFL athletes or college wrestlers, people that have never watched wrestling [and] don’t care about wrestling.”

Wardlow made the decision to sign on the contract offered by Tony Khan and has featured prominently on the show for the last year. His partnership with MJF has paid dividends, and he is one of the strongest booked stars in the company.