Was There A Last-Minute Change In The SmackDown Women’s Championship Match At Hell In A Cell?

Becky Lynch
Image via twitter.com

Hell in a Cell housed a number of personal match-ups but none more so than the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between former friends Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

The two women have been side-by-side on SmackDown Live for the past few months, but when Charlotte took the SmackDown Women’s Championship out of SummerSlam last month, Lynch decided that enough was enough.

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Lynch was the Inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion and has become tired of living in Flair’s shadow so she decided to turn on her best friend and made it her mission to take away that Championship, something that she accomplished last night in Texas.

The end to the match was a little out of the blue when Becky reversed a roll-up into a pin and according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, this could be because there was a last-minute change.

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“I think that the Charlotte/ Becky Lynch finish was changed, but the rest of the show was pretty much [planned]. But they kind of gave the people what they want in that one,” he said via Ringsidenews.

It appears that WWE decided to change the finish so that the fans would come out of the show feeling happy about one of the matchups since there are reports that the fans in attendance last night continued to chant about their dislike to the end of the show for a while afterward.

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This does put the company in the tricky position now that if Charlotte wins back the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the coming months she will have broken Trish Stratus’ long-standing seven-time Women’s Championship record after being on the main roster for just three years.