What Changes Have Been Made To The WWE PPV Calendar?

As we have previously talked about on the site, the single brand PPV events are no more, going forward all PPV’s will feature matches from both RAW and Smackdown. While this is very interesting and big news, this decision has certainly shaken up the WWE PPV landscape for 2018.

WWE Payback: Payback 2018 was going to take place in Baltimore on the 27th of May. Payback 2018 has now been fully canceled.

WWE Battleground: The next change on the 2018 WWE PPV calendar is Battleground which was down for the 15th of July in Pittsburgh. While not canceled, it has now been changed to Extreme Rules!

Extreme Rules: Originally, Extreme Rules was going t happen on September 16th in San Antonio, Texas. Now that Extreme Rules has taken Battlegrounds spot, Extreme Rules is being replaced by Hell In A Cell.

Hell In A Cell: Of course this means that Hell In A Cell which was down for September 30th in Nashville has been changed, actually it has not been changed this event has been canceled entirely!.

Great Balls Of Fire: One of the dumbest PPV names in quite some time has been given the ax entirely.

No Mercy: Surprisingly so has No Mercy, which has been a PPV event since 1999.

So as you can see there is quite the trickledown effect happening with WWE PPV’s in 2018. Many fans felt that two a month was a little bit overkill and clearly the ticket sales showed this as well.