What Hulk Hogan Told The Locker Room Ahead Of WWE Extreme Rules


WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan met with the WWE locker room in Pittsburgh, PA before Extreme Rules went on-air. According to PWInsider, Hogan issued a formal apology to the Locker Room for the leaked comments that surfaced in 2015 that had him using the N-word from a conversation that took place over a decade ago.

Hogan reportedly told the Locker Room that he wanted to apologize for hurting others and embarrassing WWE. He also said that the talent should think about what they say because these days, cameras are everywhere and anything a person says, even in private, can be recorded without his/her own knowledge.

At the end of his speech, Hogan was given a big positive reaction from the wrestlers and many gave him hugs and shook his hand. Hogan got very emotional.

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All of this aligns with what Hogan has told the media where he said that he wanted to turn the leaked comments into something that can be used to help teach people so that they don’t make the same mistakes as he did. Mark Henry said a few months ago that he would welcome Hogan back into the company as long as he apologized to the Locker Room. Booker T had also expressed his desire to welcome The Hulkster with open arms.

Hogan also met with WWE officials and the assumption is that he is officially back with the company.

As of now, it is still unknown whether Hogan will be appearing on WWE television this week. However, with SummerSlam is just a few weeks away, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if The Hulkster was announced for August’s Pay-Per-View, perhaps in some sort of guest host role or as an ambassador.