What Is Jason Jordan Doing Backstage In WWE?

Jason Jordan hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since February when it was revealed that he had a neck injury that would require surgery. As part of the storyline, Jordan was sent home by his ‘father’ Kurt Angle and has since undergone neck surgery but it was recently reported that his recovery is taking much longer than anticipated.

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Even though it was a minor injury, neck injuries are something that WWE take seriously and it’s taking a while for Jordan to be cleared to return.

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It was recently reported that Matt Hardy was set to spend some time shadowing WWE’s backstage producers whilst he recovered from his tailbone injury and it appears that WWE is allowing Jason Jordan to do the same.

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The reports over the past few months have stated that Jordan has been seen backstage at RAW but he hasn’t made an appearance because he is spending his time learning the ropes so that he’s prepared to move into another role with the company when the time comes.

Right now Jordan is unable to compete in the ring, so he is being an asset to WWE in another way according to The Wrestling Observer’s latest episode by helping the backstage crew and learning about other aspects of the company.

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The most recent rumors surrounding Jordan have stated that when he does make his return he will be re-aligned with his American Alpha partner Chad Gable, who has fallen down the ranks ever since his move over to Raw, so Jordan’s return could boost both men’s momentum and allow them to climb back into the Tag Team Championship picture, which is looking rather crowded right now.