What Is On The New Hardy Boyz DVD?

Twist Of Fate: The Best Of The Hardy Boyz is the next DVD based on the Hardy Boyz, these guys have actually had more than a few DVD releases already. However recently Matt and Jeff recorded some new footage for this DVD, talking about their return to the WWE so there is going to be some new content here.

For the most part, it is a trip (or should that be Swanton Bomb?) down memory lane, looking at some of the best moments.

Here are some of the highlights from this new DVD set.

Hardy Brothers vs The New Rockers: A pretty rare and forgotten match from all the way back in 1996! It is crazy how young they were and the WWE still put them out there.

Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs Dudley Boyz: From the Teri Invitational in 1999 all the way to TLC 2 at WrestleMania 17. All of the ladder matches between these guys and even a cage match as well are included in this set.

Hardy Boyz, Kane & Undertaker vs Steve Austin, Triple H, Edge & Christian: From a 2001 episode of RAW, this match is an absolute blast and a match that to our knowledge has not been on any of the other Hardy Boyz DVD releases.

Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio: There are two matches with these two, including their Cruiserweight Title match from WrestleMania 19.

One thing worth mentioning is that there are none of the matches with Matt Hardy vs MVP listed. This was a really fun mid card feud for the US Title and we think that this would have been good to feature on the DVD.

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho: This appears to one of the only Jeff Hardy single matches on the set. Jeff had an amazing singles run, but he did get his very own 3 disc DVD set dedicated to that so perhaps this is why there are not more matches with just Jeff Hardy on this set?

Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy: The Extreme Rules match from WrestleMania 25 and their I Quit Match from Backlash are both included.

The Return: There are also plenty of matches from their 2017 return including the ladder match at WrestleMania and their Steel Cage and Iron Man matches against The Bar.

This is just a handful of the content that this new Hardy’s set will have. There are a lot more great matches included.

With new interviews and a lot of classic matches, Twist Of Fate: The Best Of The Hardy Boyz is shaping up to be a great set. A lot of the matches have been released on previous sets, but it has been a very long time since those were in print. There is bound to be a plenty of extras (maybe even a third disc!) which will hopefully include at least a few matches from Jeff and Matt’s singles runs. Jeff Hardy’s feud with CM Punk and like we said before, Matt Hardy’s run with MVP would be a very welcome addition.