What Was WWE’s Original Plan For Kevin Owens And Why They Were Forced To Turn Him Heel?

kevin owens
Image via Flipboard.com

Kevin Owens returned ahead of WrestleMania as a babyface who could challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship in a losing effort. Kofi Kingston‘s change in fortunes meant that WWE had to change their plan to have KO face Bryan at WrestleMania, which is why Owens was kept off the card.

Interestingly, just two weeks out from the biggest event of the year and Owens has already reverted back to his heel ways, but it isn’t something that WWE wanted to pull the trigger on for a while.

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According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Owens was supposed to return as a likeable babyface that could be related to by members of the WWE Universe, a face that had children, ate junk food but could still step up in the ring.

The fact that he was given The Stunner was another huge hint that WWE wanted his face turn to be a success, but Daniel Bryan’s recent injury has prevented this.

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When Owens returned he was seen as one of SmackDown Live’s top babyfaces behind Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston, while Daniel Bryan was at the top of the heel pile.

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Sadly, with all the moving around to Raw and SmackDown over the past few weeks, WWE didn’t want to have to bring in another heel for The Blue Brand so the better idea was to turn Owens heel so that he could challenge Kingston at Money in the Bank in Bryan’s absence.

The most recent updates on Daniel Bryan have no timeline on when he’s expected to return to the ring, but the former WWE Champion still has a rematch clause and could continue his story with Kofi Kingston heading into SummerSlam if Kevin Owens isn’t victorious on May 19th in a match that is yet to be officially announced but it expected to take place.