Who Is Mr. Bootyworth? The Identity Of The New Day’s Chef Revealed

mr bootyworth
Image via WWE.com

After last SmackDown’s New Day cooking show was crashed by the Bar, one question has lingered in people’s mind, who is Mr. Bootyworth?

The character of Mr. Bootyworth appeared with the New Day during their in-ring segment that focused on the New Day’s favorite food, pancakes. The trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods introduced Mr. Bootyworth and credited him for coming up with their pancake recipe.

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So just who was it that played the mysterious pancake chef known only as Mr. Bootyworth?

Turns out that it was Dewey Foley, the son of hardcore legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. Dewey is the oldest son of Foley and was the subject of a famous or infamous rant his father gave in his Cactus Jack persona.

The elder Foley went into a blistering tirade addressed by a fan who had come to a show in Philadelphia holding a “Cane Dewey” sign. Dewey Foley was then only three years old.

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Now, the younger Foley currently works backstage in the WWE and usually doesn’t appear on screen.

In any case, Dewey did show some of that Foley “fortitude” during his brief on-screen appearance, enduring getting a hat full of pancake batter on his head.

It’s unclear if this was a one-off appearance or if Mr. Bootyworth will appear again and maybe gain a measure of revenge against the Bar.

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The WWE often uses backstage workers during in-ring segments. One of the most famous would be the “Occupy RAW” movement which saw Daniel Bryan in the ring surrounded by “fans” who included caterers and makeup artists.

Check out Dewey Foley as Mr. Bootyworth in this video: