Will Bayley And Sasha Banks Create History At WrestleMania 34

One match that looks like it could certainly happen at this year’s WrestleMania is Bayley vs Sasha Banks. The friendship has certainly started to show a few cracks since the Royal Rumble and to be honest, this has been an interesting slow burn type of fued that the WWE is doing.

Banks turned heel on Bayley during the Elimination Chamber match last weekend.  Bayley returned the favor the next day during Monday Night Raw when she refused to tag in the match and snubbed Sasha and Asuka.

Of course, we have seen these two talented wrestler square off before, but the smart money is them putting on one hell of a show if they are allowed to go one on one at WrestleMania. What is extra interesting about this is that if these two do face off, it would be the first time in WWE history that two female wrestlers have competed in a one on one match with no stipulations! How crazy is that?

Every other female match in WrestleMania history has been a title match or some kind of gimmick match. The last match to just feature two female competitors was Terri Runnels vs The Kat at WrestleMania 16, which called a “Catfight” and it actually featured Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah as well.