William Regal Hints That Tonight’s Announcement Could See Him Stepping Down as NXT General Manager

William Regal has been a name associated with NXT throughout the last six years. Regal was unveiled as the new authority figure for the brand back in 2014 and has since pushed the promotion to new heights.

It was revealed last week on NXT that the General Manager will make a huge announcement on tonight’s episode of NXT and while many believed that it would be linked to NXT’s upcoming Takeover event, Regal himself recently tweeted a tease that he could be stepping down.

The British star has been part of WWE in different roles for the past two decades and was originally moved to NXT to be part of the commentary team before it was decided that he would be a fantastic choice for the figurehead General Manager role.

Regal has been fantastic in the role and has announced many historic matches on NXT over the years, including War Games and even the beginning of The Dusty Rhodes classic.

It’s unknown as to whether or not the tweet is just a tease to help NXT fight AEW in the Wednesday night rating’s war, or if Regal could be thinking of a change of scenery after six years of holding the reins at the helm of NXT.