Woman Who Accused Matt Riddle of Sexual Assault Releases New Pictures

Matt Riddle was recently accused of sexual assault, which he has denied calling his accuser a “stalker”. Now, his accuser has come back with what she’s saying is photographic proof that she had a friendly relationship with Riddle that he abused.

Candy Cartwright has claimed that Riddle physically assaulted her and coerced her into performing a sexual act in a van back in 2018.

Riddle has denied the allegations, and WWE who were aware of the accusations against Riddle, merely issued a blanket statement on the matter saying they take “allegations of this nature very seriously” and they are “looking into the matter.”

Despite the fact that WWE has released several talents on NXT and NXT UK due to allegations that came out of the #SpeakingOut movement, Riddle was moved up to the SmackDown roster and featured in the last week’s episode. Many are taking this as proof that WWE investigated the matter and found it dubious.

Now, Cartwright has released several photos and Tweets to dispute the fact that she was a stalker. The photos, supposedly from 2019 show her and Riddle being rather friendly with each other.

According to Cartwright, the photos were taken after she went to see Riddle, and not only did she see him, but he got her tickets to two NXT live shows.

In response, Riddle’s lawyers have issued a statement, continuing to state that Cartwright’s claims are “false and another attempt to harass and humiliate Mr. and Mrs. Riddle and to try to tarnish their reputation in the community.”

According to the lawyers, Cartwright has been stalking the Riddle family for the last two years and in 2019 they drafted a pleading against her. They were seeking an injunction for cyberstalking with the Circuit Court of Orange County, Florida.