Women’s Tables Match Added To TLC Card

Image via Twitter.com

The Riott Squad have been targetting Natalya over the past few weeks, ever since they fought in the United Kingdom in a six-woman tag team match and Ruby Riott decided to destroy Nattie’s late father’s glasses in order to distract the former Women’s Champion.

This rivalry has been bubbling under the surface ever since with The Riott Squad showing up and attacking Natalya whenever she’s part of a match.

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This week on Raw, Nattie was scheduled to team up with Ronda Rousey to take on Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka, but The Riott Squad ran to the ring with a table, attacked Natalya and then powerbombed her off the apron and through the table that had been set up by Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan.

The numbers game has become unfair in recent weeks, but the fact that Natalya was put through a table on Raw, could be one of the reasons why the company has recently announced that The Queen of Harts will go one-on-one with Ruby Riott in a tables match next weekend at TLC.

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The rules of a Tables match mean that The Riott Squad can continue to use the numbers game to their advantage since the match only ends when an opponent is put through a table. Hopefully, Natalya will be given some backup of her own in order to fight off the three women who have put a target on her head in recent months.

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WWE also revealed that Alexa Bliss will address the recent situation between The Riott Squad and Natalya next week on Raw, which could hopefully lead to Logan and Morgan being banned from ringside for the match.