WWE WrestleMania 36: FireFly Fun House Match Doesn’t Disappoint, The Fiend Comes Out On Top

Following on from last night’s Boneyard match, John Cena and The Fiend took center stage tonight as the only other match that took place outside of The Performance Center. The FireFly Fun House match has never taken place before and the WWE Universe had to idea what to expect, but it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Bray Wyatt took Cena on a journey that encompassed his entire WWE career from his debut with Kurt Angle to The Doctor of Thuganomics and even recreated the end of their match at WrestleMania 30 so that he could seemingly go back and change history.

Cena made the statement on SmackDown last week that this match would put an end to the most over-privileged, overhyped and overrated wrestler in WWE history, something that was replayed as Wyatt delivered Sister Abigail and made it clear that the former 16-time World Champion was actually talking about himself and this match would put an end to him instead.

It was an exciting match that saw promo after promo, Vince McMahon puppet on commentary taking shots at Dean Ambrose and even a throwback to WCW Monday Nitro, which included Eric Bischoff and even Saturday Night Main Event.

In the end, it came down the Cena and The Fiend and even though there was very little wrestling in the actual match, it was Sister Abigail from The Fiend that secured the victory as Bray Wyatt counted the pin for his own alter-ego.

It was definitely an interesting way to settle a feud and interestingly following the match John Cena disappeared from the ring and from The Fiend’s feet, which could be a hint that he has now been imprisoned in The Firefly Fun House as well and there could now be a Cena puppet added to Wyatt’s collection moving forward.