WrestleMania Status Of The Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena, Batista

Image via thechairshot.com

WrestleMania 35 takes place on April 7, 2019 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States.

On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson revealed the WrestleMania status of 4 legends who once graced WWE’s biggest annual pay-per-view on a regular basis but are now part-timers because of their age and Hollywood commitments.

The Rock, if The Rock wants to show up they’re never gonna say no. I don’t believe The Rock will be wrestling at WrestleMania or probably any time soon.”

The Undertaker I would expect to have him as a cameo. I haven’t heard about him wrestling. Remember they didn’t advertise that he was really, really, really gonna be there until WrestleMania was already taking place.”

John Cena is filming his new movie until April 1st in Vancouver British Columbia. That allows him six days to have a match at WrestleMania. It is possible that he will appear. I would be shocked if he doesn’t appear whether he has a match or not, I have not heard anything.”

Batista, to the best of my knowledge I’ve heard nothing about Batista. I know there was a lot of expectation about him against Triple H at WrestleMania, but he’s gonna be making Dune — the remake in the next couple of months. Whether that leaves him the ability to train, prepare, and even come back to wrestle we will see. I haven’t heard anything about it.”

The Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena and Batista‘s reported status for the Grandest Stage of Them All may cause heartbreak for the millions who still hope to see them wrestle at this year’s ‘Mania.

Neither of the 4 men has appeared on WWE TV to kick-off their respective WrestleMania storylines post-Royal Rumble.

Goes without saying, all of them were absent from this year’s Royal Rumble although The Deadman and The Champ did work last year’s three cash-rich overseas PPVs namely the Greatest Royal Rumble, Super Show-Down and Crown Jewel.