Wrestler Requires Brain Surgery After Being Hit With A Concrete Block In A Match

It’s a stunt that has shocked the global wrestling community to the core, as a professional wrestler threw a concrete block at his opponent, an assault that has left him in intensive care.

The stunt took place as part of the Lucha Libre Boom show at the Lopez Mateos Arena in Tlalnepantla, northern Mexico, on 19 November and videos of the incident have spread online like wildfire over the past few days. The video is quite graphic and can be viewed below at your own discretion.

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The video shows Angel o Demonio carrying two heavy blocks to the ring before he then launches one at his opponent Cuervo, who was left bloodied at ringside and then transferred to a local hospital where he had successful surgery to fix a brain clot. According to the show’s promoter, Cuervo suffered ‘an epidural haematoma and he had a skull fracture’.

Many wrestlers around the world have since responded to this stunt where it appears that the comment trend is the fact that it doesn’t belong in the business.

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Bully Ray also responded to Angle’s tweet to state that he could “do it in 5” which shows the worldwide reaction to this assault.

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Angel commented in an interview after the match that he was aiming for his opponent’s back but lacked the accuracy and accidentally hit him in the head. It is unknown why he thought a spot with a concrete slab was a good idea, but the two men obviously agreed on this before they walked out of the curtain.

He went on to issue an apology for his actions, but is now under an immediate and indefinite suspension from the Boxing and Wrestling Commission of Mexico.