WWE 205 Live Star Mansoor Responds to T-Bar’s Threats

While the Raw faction RETRIBUTION and their leader Mustafa Ali seem to continue to fixate on Ricochet, another faction member has been keeping his eye on 205 Live.

Saudi Arabian WWE superstar Mansoor was in action on this latest episode of 205 Live, going up against Jake Atlas. Mansoor beat Atlas, continuing a winning streak that began when he debuted on the show back in November 2019.

Mansoor debuted in a match against Brian Kendrick, beating the veteran. He has since won 10 other 205 Live matches.

Shortly after, T-BAR re-Tweeted a 205 Live Tweet which featured a picture of Mansoor getting his hand raised in victory.

T-BAR reminded the WWE Universe that RETRIBUTION hated every WWE Superstar. He then specifically targeted Mansoor, declaring that he deserved to be punched “square in his face.”

Mansoor was quick to react, simply asking T-BAR how important his mask was and if he would “die” without it.

Mansoor debuted in WWE in September 2018, and he mostly stayed in NXT till debuting on 205 Live. While he was in NXT, however, one of his last losses was to T-BAR, who was then going by Dominik Dijakovic.

Mansoor and Dijakovic clashed on an NXT live event in August 23, 2019, shortly before he made his 205 Live debut.