WWE 2K18 WrestleMania Edition Coming In March

WWE 2K18 is a game that really divided wrestling fans. While some loved the incredibly large roster, many felt that the lack of real single player content and the poor visual presentation (how does hair look this bad in a wrestling game after all these years?) let the game down.

Many games get a “game of the year” edition and that is basically what we have with the WWE 2K18 WrestleMania Edition. Released towards the end of March, included will be all of the DLC that has been available for WWE 2K18. Also are some special bonus items which have not been revealed yet, but they are rumored to be something to do with cover star Seth Rollins.

WWE 2K18 WrestleMania Edition first popped up for pre order in the UK via the store, GAME who are also offering a special and cool, old school WrestleMania mug with the game. If you have not yet bought WWE 2K18 and are interested in it, you would be better off waiting for this.

The WWE 2K18: WrestleMania Edition will be available for pre-order at the following retailers: