WWE Abandons Trademark for Edge, Rusev Has High Praise for AEW

WWE often files trademarks for upcoming projects in-order to prevent them from copyright infringement, and the latest round of trademarks has seen WWE bring up two terms that have been associated with the company for a long time.

WCW and Total Divas were the two filings made by WWE this week. WCW was the popular promotion that served as WWE’s major rival in the 90s, while Total Divas airs on E! featuring several WWE superstars and their spouses.

It is interesting to see WWE file for these terms at this point, since WCW doesn’t matter much in 2020, while Total Divas has been on air for several years now.

WWE also rescinded their application for the trademarks “Rated R Superstar” which was filed in April after Edge returned to the ring. WWE had the rights to the term years ago, but abandoned it in 2014, after Edge’s retirement in 2011.

Former WWE superstar Rusev had huge praise for AEW and Double or Nothing and joked about whether it was legal for him to talk about it. Rusev was released along with several other superstars as part of a company-wide cut last month and hasn’t signed with any promotion since.

Rusev is most-likely serving the 90-day no-compete clause, and will pick a promotion of his choice once he has completed the period. Rusev has been active on Twitch, and in the most recent stream, talked about All Elite Wrestling.

“Last night was fun. I work out every now and again and I set my TV, my phone or whatever and I watched a little bit of AEW. I don’t know if it’s legal to say. Is it legal to say? I’m looking at my lawyer, is it legal to say? … It was fun, man. It was fun watching, especially that main event. Did you all see that show, by the way?”

Rusev will be a perfect fit for the company, and even AEW commentator Jim Ross agrees with that statement. Will the former United States Champion be All-In soon? Only time will tell.