WWE Aiming to Win Younger Audience By Making Raw and SmackDown “More Youthful”

WWE’s television ratings have been nightmarish all through 2019 and things haven’t been any different this year. RAW and SmackDown continue to draw abysmal viewership with record-low ratings, thereby allowing a certain portion of the WWE Universe to migrate to rival companies.

WWE’s stock is no longer recommended by Wall Street due to the shrinking viewership, fans are extremely upset with the repetitive, boring, lackluster storylines, and Mr. McMahon must turn a lot of things around in terms of their product if his company wishes to stay profitable.

During the 2nd quarter investors’ call, Mr. McMahon stated that his aim is to make RAW and SmackDown “more youthful.” The idea is to capture a younger fanbase and WWE plans to do all that it takes to re-establish themselves with a younger demographic.

“I think it’s because they’re new […] it’s up to us to make RAW and SmackDown feel more equal and that is where we’re going and as far as actually continuing on and building characters — you always have to build characters constantly.”

“As far as Paul Levesque helping out on RAW and SmackDown — that happens, it’s all hands on deck in terms of all that we do.”

The Chairman of Board also acknowledged Paul Heyman’s work as the former Executive Director of Monday Night RAW.

“In terms of where Heyman is concerned I thought he did a very good job in terms of creativity.”

The decline in the quality of WWE’s product has never been more alarming; it’s speculated that the continued dip in ratings could severely impact the company’s negotiations for their next TV deal.

While the coronavirus pandemic has indirectly made WWE’s product even more dilute, the company doesn’t seem to be interested in using fresh talents on RAW and SmackDown to attract more viewers.

The WWE Universe is already upset with Mr. McMahon’s start-and-stop pushes and sudden burial of Superstars, and it’s evident that a ton of work needs to be done to fix the prevailing messy situation.