WWE Allegedly Signed Deonna Purrazzo To Keep Her Away From AEW

WWE signed a bunch of talents last year and locked several Superstars to inflated, long-term contracts in order to prevent them from leaving for AEW. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the billion-dollar promotion released hundreds of employees last month, including top-level executives which caused a huge uproar in the locker room.

Unfortunately, Deonna Purrazzo lost her job as part of the widespread cuts and is yet to sign a deal with a rival promotion. For The Virtuosa, things would have been much different today had she debuted at AEW All In.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Purrazzo revealed that she felt that WWE signed her to prevent her from going to AEW. The young athlete was already announced for All In, and WWE had to find a way to keep her away from The Khan Family.

Despite being an important signing, Purrazzo massively suffered because WWE was “hoarding” talent at that time which led to several other women coming to NXT and burying each other.

“Yes, and I probably said that to some of the wrong people in NXT,” admitted Purrazzo. But I 100 percent feel like me being announced for All In… this culminated in, ‘she’s gonna go somewhere else and do something good with other people’ so we’re gonna bring her here. If they had done something with me, then that would have been fine. But I feel that in the last year or two with AEW, [WWE] tended to be hoarding. Talent wasn’t being released but so much talent was being brought in that I suffered from so many women coming in and then we’re all from the same background.”

It remains to be seen where Purrazzo is headed to next. A lot of former Superstars are desperately fighting for jobs during this pandemic and hopefully, The Virtuosa will land on her feet sooner than later.