WWE Almost Introduced a Pat Patterson Cup for Royal Rumble Winners

Pat Patterson was a major influence on how the wrestling business evolved and had a big part to play in one of the biggest events in wrestling currently, the Royal Rumble.

Patterson is credited with inventing the idea, but he had a different approach to how the winners must be awarded after the event.

Bertrand Hebert, the writer of Patterson’s book, ‘Accepted: How The First Gay Superstar Changed WWE’, appeared on Sitting Ringside with David Penzar, and spoke about Patterson’s idea about a Pat Patterson cup.

“One of his last ideas he had on the (Royal) Rumble was for them to create the Pat Patterson Cup and give the trophy like the Stanley Cup to the winner. It would hold champagne and have all the winner’s names on it. I think that would be an amazing homage to Pat.”

Patterson wanted a cup similar to the Stanley Cup for the winner of the Rumble, which will have champagne and names of the past winners on it.

WWE eventually decided to go a different route but could look to bring back this idea in order to pay homage to the late great.